Rudduck Rodenticide Paste

Rudduck Rodenticide Paste is formulated to be palatable to rodents, easy to use & effective.


Rudduck Rodenticide Paste has been developed specifically to control rodents. Incorporating a warning dye, coloured blue, with a unique edible bait base, specially formulated to ensure maximum palatability. Laboratory and field trials have been carried out to establish efficacy against rodent infestations. These trials have shown that paste baits are most palatable and are extremely effective as a method of rodent control. Trials have also shown Rudduck Rodenticide Paste will be consumed where blocks and soft baits are not taken. Rudduck Paste is the perfect alternative when other baits are not being taken. Rudduck Paste is also consumed in areas where there is a high level of competing food sources.

Pack size: 300g caulking tube

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