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Rural Pest Control Solutions

Rudduck provides pest control solutions to farmer and rural customers, through their network of rural re-sellers. With our 100-year heritage and expertise in pest control, we provide our customers with the knowledge and support to solve their pest control problems.

Who is Rudduck?

  • Australian pest control product supplier specialising in the rural market
  • Partner to local and overseas pest control product manufacturers
  • Current range includes pyrethrum & unique rodent control products
  • Expansion plans to bring the latest pest control products to Australia
  • Trusted pest control expert
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Product Range

Rudduck’s current product range includes a range of professional pyrethrum-based products, specialist rodent products and fogging equipment. With active growth plans underway, the product range is expected to expand significantly into the future. View all Rudduck products

Pyrethrum Products

Rudduck produce a range of pyrethrum-based products, the majority of which are manufactured in-house, including Rudduck Py Matic automated dispenser and Rudduck Py Zap (pyrethrum concentrate).

Rudduck Py Matic automated dispenser

  • Automatic aerosol dispenser targeting flies and other insects
  • Professional, highly concentrated formulation for superior performance
  • Each aerosol can deliver 3,000 shots, providing 24/7 protection for up to a month

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Py Matic Automatic Aerosol Dispenser from Rudduck
Pymatic aerosol by Rudducks

Rudduck Py Zap

  • Broad spectrum insect control in a wide range of agricultural, on-farm and domestic situations
  • For use in all spray equipment, thermal foggers, misting equipment and cold ULV sprayers
  • Re-entry shortly after spraying and only 1 day withholding period (prior to harvest) for crops

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Pyzap by Rudducks

Rodent Products

Rudduck have two specialised rodent products to provide rodent control in some of the more challenging on farm situations.

Rudduck Alpha Rapid Rodenticide

Ideal when fast eradication of mice is required or when there are increased safety consideration:

  • Controls mice overnight with its novel mode of action
  • Excellent safety profile and no secondary poisoning – Mouse specific rodent bait

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Alpha Rapid Rodenticide by Rudduck
Alpha Rapid Block

Rudduck Rodenticide Paste

Ideal when there are competing food sources:

  • High palatability paste formulation ensures feeding and eradication
  • Extremely effective as a method of rodent control
  • The perfect alternative when other baits are ignored

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Rodenticide Paste by Rudducks

Interested in working with Rudduck?

Pest Control Product manufacturers…

Rudduck provides product manufacturers and suppliers with an expert partner to access the rural pest control market in Australia.

We are always looking to provide the latest pest control solutions to farmers and our rural customers, so if you are looking for a partner to distribute your products in Australia, we’re more than happy to discuss!

With our sister company, Agserv, we can also supply to professional pest managers across Australia.